RedWare consultants will handle your website or application from beginning to the end from all aspects, such as development, integration, maintenance or migration. Our team is experienced to run your project at all stages, from preliminary analysis and design to development, testing and actual deployment. our developers often attend technical seminars, tech talks, meetups and other extra training to always keep up with the latest trends and be able to deliver excellent results for our clients.

RedWare takes pride in mastering the following dev environments:

  • Backend
        • Java/J2EE
        • .NET
        • PHP & Symfony
  • Frontend
        • HTML(5)
        • CSS(3) & SASS
        • JavaScript (frameworks)
        • WebGL
  • UX/UI visual design


  • Website Design & Development

RedWare’s web developers specialize in web design and e-commerce, not only to differentiate from the rest, but more importantly, to also to make sure the Internet users will find you and that your website gets top scores. Our dev team combines all related skills, such as graphic design, website development, flash animation and e-commerce programming, in a timely manner and importantly on budget too.


  • E-commerce

In the case of both existing websites in need of refreshing, or brand new site development, RedWare will deliver the features and content necessary to stimulate your sales and gain a competitive advantage online.

In addition, our latest content management processes, not only save you more than 2/3 of classic development effort, but they even allow for swiftly changing most aspects of your website yourself, thus saving even further. With our solution, you can manage everything online including your customers, orders, quotes, and products, through a customer-focused personalized online shopping experience. Finally, RedWare also provides an SSL backed shopping cart function which is very easy to navigate and customize and thus to to meet all the needs of you and your online customers.